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Does Bank Of America Do Money Order?

Bank of America is a renowned financial institution that provides a wide range of banking services to its customers. However, when it comes to money orders, Bank of America does not offer this service. In this article, we will discuss the alternatives available for obtaining money orders and explore the reasons why Bank of America does not provide this particular service.

Why Bank of America Does Not Offer Money Orders

While Bank of America offers various financial services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, and credit cards, the institution has chosen not to provide money order services. The decision to exclude money orders from their offerings may be due to several factors, including cost considerations, operational efficiency, and customer demand. It’s important to note that while Bank of America doesn’t offer money orders directly, they may provide other alternatives that serve similar purposes.

Alternative Ways To Get a Money Order

Although Bank of America does not offer money orders, there are alternative options available for those who require this form of payment. Consider the following alternatives:

  1. United States Postal Service (USPS): USPS is a reliable and widely accessible provider of money orders. You can purchase money orders at any USPS location, making it a convenient choice for many individuals.
  2. Retailers and Grocery Stores: Many retail stores and grocery chains, such as Walmart, CVS, and 7-Eleven, offer money order services. These establishments often have extended hours, allowing for easy access to money orders.
  3. Check-Cashing Stores: Certain check-cashing stores, such as MoneyGram and Western Union, specialize in money orders. These establishments typically offer additional financial services, making them a one-stop destination for various monetary needs.
  4. Other Banks and Credit Unions: While Bank of America does not provide money orders, other banks and credit unions may offer this service. Contact your local financial institutions to inquire about their money order offerings.

It’s important to research the specific requirements, fees, and limitations associated with obtaining money orders from these alternative providers to ensure they meet your needs.

Benefits of Money Orders

Money orders offer several advantages for both senders and recipients. Some benefits include:

  • Secure Payment Method: Money orders are prepaid and typically require the purchaser to provide their information. This adds an extra layer of security compared to personal checks.
  • Wide Acceptance: Money orders are widely accepted as a form of payment, making them a viable option for various transactions, including bill payments, rent, and purchasing goods or services.
  • Trackable and Traceable: Money orders often come with tracking numbers or receipts that allow for easy tracking and proof of payment.
  • No Bank Account Required: Unlike other payment methods like checks or bank transfers, money orders can be obtained and used without a bank account.

Tips To Ensure Safe Money Order Transactions

Regardless of the provider you choose, it’s important to follow these tips to ensure safe money order transactions:

  1. Validate Security Features: Before accepting a money order, verify its security features, such as watermarks, security threads, and other unique identifiers, to ensure its authenticity.
  2. Keep Documentation: Retain all receipts and documentation related to the money order transaction. This will serve as proof of payment and can be valuable in case of any issues or disputes.
  3. Use Trusted Providers: Purchase money orders from reputable and trusted sources to minimize the risk of fraudulent or counterfeit money orders.
  4. Exercise Caution with Unknown Parties: Be cautious when accepting money orders from individuals or entities you are unfamiliar with. Scammers may use money orders as part of fraudulent schemes, so it’s essential to be vigilant and conduct thorough research.


Although Bank of America does not offer money orders, there are alternative options available for obtaining this form of payment. Utilizing trusted providers such as USPS, retail stores, check-cashing stores, and other financial institutions will allow you to access money orders conveniently and securely. Remember to exercise caution, validate security features, and keep documentation for your records. By following these guidelines, you can safely utilize money orders for various financial transactions.

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