How To Cash A Check At AMSCOT

How To Cash A Check At AMSCOT

Cash is the most common form of payment in the world. It’s easy to do and can help you get you to make your purchases on the net amount. However, digital ways of payment surpass cash handling. But checks are used widely.

One may get his payment in check or arrears from any organization or company. Still, you have to use the checks. Once you get a check, you don’t have enough time to deposit it into your account or cash it by visiting the bank. You can save yourself from this hassle by visiting a store that provides check cashing services 24/7. AMSCOT is one of them that provides check cashing services without any time limitation 24/7. So in this article, we will describe How To Cash A Check At AMSCOT .

What type of checks does AMSCOT cash?

At AMSCOT, various types of checks are cashed. There is no maximum limit to cash a check. As far as possible, your check is legitimate and valid. You are good to go at AMSCOT. The checks that AMSCOT handles widely are:

  • Government checks
  • Stimulus and TAX refund checks
  • Money orders
  • Out-of-state checks
  • Paycheck
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Personal checks
  • Third-party checks
  • Insurance checks
  • Cashier checks

The amount written on the check can’t be altered. In such a scenario, AMSCOT won’t cash the check. But it’s necessary to have a valid form of ID to cash a check at AMSCOT.

Using a different form of ID To cash a check at AMSCOT.

You can use any Valid form of ID to cash your check at AMSCOT. These IDs include

  • State photo id
  • Driving license
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Arms license

How to cash a check at AMSCOT step by step guide

To cash a check at AMSCOT, follow the steps below to save time and hassle.


Before cashing the check, ensure it is endorsed correctly, and you have signed it.


Now present your check and valid ID to the representative at duty.


Now the representative may ask for personal information, your residential address etc. It will save you and the country from money fraud and money laundering issues.


After verification, the check amount will be paid to you after deducting the cashing fee.

What are the check cashing fees for checking different checks at AMSCOT?

AMSCOT has a different check cashing fee charge policy for each type of check and the location you are cashing your check. Generally, a fee of $3 is deducted while cashing a check upto $500, which increases respectively. The fee structure for AMSCOT is below:

  • Cashier’s checks: 

3.9% to 4.9% of the total check amount.

  • Government checks: 

$3 to $10 for checks under $1,000; 1.9% for checks $1,000 to $1,499; and 2.9% for checks $1,500 and over.

  • Insurance check: 

3.9% to 4.9% of the total check amount.

  • Payroll check: 

4.5% of the total check amount.

  • Personal checks: 

9.9% of the total check amount.

  • Tax refund checks: 

2.5% of the total check amount.

  • Handwritten checks: 

4.5% of the total check amount.

AMSCOT check cashing timings

There are no store timings to be bound when you cash your check using the AMSCOT service. AMSCOT services are available 24/7. Even on Sundays, people are entertained.

AMSCOT extra costs

When at AMSCOT, you may use some services from the storefront. But it would be best if you had an idea about the cost of each service you will avail of at AMSCOT. Some of their charges are:

  • Copies:

$0.25 per copy.

  • Envelopes:

$0.10 one envelope.

  • Faxes (Sent or Received):

$3 for the first page and $1 for each additional page within the U.S.; $6 and up for international faxes

  • In-store ATMs:

Fees vary

  • Money orders:

Free to purchase

  • Notary:

$10.00 per stamp

  • Prepaid Amscot Mastercards:

Monthly fee of $5.95

AMSCOT other services

In addition to checking to cash, AMSCOT also provides many financial services that include:

Cash advance

This service offers a payday loan from AMSCOT to fulfil your urgent cash need. You must write a post-dated check to the AMSCOT, including the loan’s interest amount. Then you can avail of this service.

Money order

Most places will charge you a fee for the money order, but at AMSCOT, this service is free. But if I make a money order, I lose you there will be a deduction fee of around $10.

Pre paid credit

At AMSCOT, you can avail of a prepaid credit card service to pay your bills and use it for online shopping. Just visit the AMSCOT and apply for it now.

Bill payments

You can pay your local utility bills at AMSCOT. There is no need to pay individual bills to each company. At AMSCOT, all these services are available at your local location.

AMSCOT check to cash policy

There are certain validations and policies for cashing checks at AMSCOT. You must know these policies to have a much smoother experience at AMSCOT.

  • Check you are cashing at AMSCOT is valid and not outdated.
  • There is no bargaining policy for cashing checks; the fees are fixed.
  • As the check amount rises, the fee may increase also.
  • If a check gets bounced, the person cashing the check will be responsible and legal actions will be taken against him by the corporation.
  • It may take upto seven days to verify personal checks at AMSCOT according to company policy to reduce risk.


We hope this article has helped you a lot with your query. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.


Q: Can I use the advanced cash service at AMSCOT without a check?

No, you can’t use the service without a check because a check is collected as a form of security.

Q: What things are necessary to cash a check?

Only a valid check and a valid form of ID are required to cash a check at AMSCOT.

Q: Can I cash my check at AMSCOT on Sunday?

Yes, you can cash checks 24/7 at AMSCOT.

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