How To Cash A PayCheck Without an ID

How To Cash A Check Without ID Or Bank Account

Different Ways To Cash A Check Without ID Or Bank Account

Most salary payments around the world are made through paychecks. You use your photo ID to cash your paycheck. In some conditions, when you don’t have a valid ID, the question arises of how to cash a paycheck without an ID. So in this article, we will describe how to cash a paycheck by various means, so keep on reading.

Other Acceptable Forms Of IDs To Cash A Check

In most circumstances, when you have a regular paycheck, there is most minor verification for cashing a check. Or if the amount is the least. But when it comes to high cash value checks, it becomes necessary for security purposes.

You can use other primary IDs to cash your checks. These include:

  • VISA
  • Driving License
  • State ID
  • Military ID

You can use these alternatives when cashing a third-party check. But the bank cashing it may verify your check from the payee.

Using Secondary IDs To Cash A Check Without Main ID 

Some banks allow you to cash the check with your secondary ID if you don’t have a primary. Only those banks allow this service in which you have a registered or checking account. Because they already have your ID data for their verification. Various secondary IDs that can be used are:

  • School photo ID
  • College photo ID
  • Membership card of a state
  • Employment Photo ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Firearm permit photo ID

You can use the above-mentioned secondary IDs depending on the bank’s acceptance.

Cashing It from the Drawn Bank

You can also cash your check without an ID from the bank where it’s drawn. But before visiting the bank, ensure that the bank authorizes without cashing service. They may instantly provide you with the cash or deposit it into your account. They may charge some amount for cashing the check because you don’t hold an account there and for availing of their service.

Cashing It From Bank where you hold a Bank Account

Certain banks either cash or deposit paychecks without ID to your account. But it’s necessary to hold an account in that bank. They will cash the check instantly.

Deposit The Check using your bank ATM

Another way is to deposit to your bank’s ATM and transfer it to your debit card. Later on, you can withdraw the cash amount from your debit card. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Insert your debit card into the ATM.
  • Enter your pin to access the menu.
  • Now select check cashing service.
  • Insert your check in the check cashing slot.
  • Enter the check amount for verification.
  • After a few verifications, the amount will be transferred to your account.

It is the most convenient way to cash a paycheck with no ID. But you must be sure that your bank’s ATM system provides a paycheck cashing service without ID verification. Moreover, your check is endorsed correctly, and the endorsement matches your name.

How to cash a paycheck without an ID using the check cashing apps

Numerous check cashing apps may cash checks and transfer the amount to your registered account. Make sure that you have a valid verified account on these apps. Because if you haven’t presented your photo ID in the past, they won’t process the transactions. They allow you to cash a check online. Make sure to follow the steps:

  • Take two clear pictures of the front and back of the cash.
  • Upload it to check the cashing app.
  • Wait until the check is verified.
  • After the verification, the amount will be deposited to your registered bank account with the cashing app.

Sometimes the cashing app may ask for video verification of the person along with a check. It is due to saving from fraud or theft.

Some best mobile cashing apps

With their traffic status and customer satisfaction, these are considered the best check-cashing apps. You can use one of these to cash your paychecks without an ID.

  • ACE Mobile Loads
  • Brink’s Money Prepaid
  • Walters: Your Mobile Banking
  • Lodefast Check Cashing App
  • Check Cashing Store
  • Boost Mobile Wallet
  • InGo Mobile cash

Using your bank’s mobile banking app

Your mobile banking app comes in handy when you have no ID to cash a paycheck. With your adequately endorsed check with your full name written as per bank data, you can cash the check with a banking app. Make sure you have your correct name written in the pay to the order section on the backside of the check. After that, follow these steps:

  • Upload clear pictures of the front and back sides of the check on the app.
  • Wait for the confirmation status.
  • The amount will be shortly transferred to your account.

Many banks cash the check into your check after complete verification from the banks where it’s issued. Because of signing it to a third party. It may take 2-3 business days. After the confirmation, the amount will be transferred to your account.

Transferring it to the third person

You can transfer your check to a third person or the person you know with a valid ID to cash it for you. But make sure you endorse the check correctly. Follow these steps to endorse a check for a third person to cash it:

  • On the backside of the check, write the correct name of the 3rd person in the pay to the order section.
  • Write the check withdrawal condition as either “cash” or “deposit.”
  • Sign the check.

Now the third person will cash this check using his ID for you.

Using Retailers and Grocery stores

You can cash your paycheck from a retailer like Walmart or a grocery store where you hold membership. Because without membership, it may be questioned if they cash a check without ID. So when you hurry to cash any checks, you can use retailers.


So, when you don’t have your ID around and want to cash your check, you can use the ways mentioned above to cash your check. Moreover, if you have any other questions regarding your check problems, please let us know in the comments.


Answer to this question depends on the circumstances. Suppose your loan management organization accepts the third-party check. You can use it to pay off your loans.

Yes, you can cash a check in a specific bank by acquiring an application copy of your new ID.

Many stores provide a facility for cashing a standard check with ID. But in case of no ID, they may not cash your check.

Walmart does not accept third-party checks due to the high potential for fraud.

There Is no need for identification when you sign a check to someone else. Thus it’s a good idea when you are trying to cash a check without any ID or Bank Account.

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